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Special Price Reductions Available

Friday, 22 February 2019 14:24:17 Europe/London

 New items have now been given special price reductions, to see these items go to 'men' or 'women' and then click on sale. Some of these styles have very limited stock which means once these are sold they may not be back in stock for quite a while. There is a large range of items on sale for both men and women including leather jackets, coats, blazers and sheepskins which have special price reductions on them. It may be worth taking a look at the sale and seeing if there is anything that interests you.

Some of these items are only on sale in specific sizes, to see if a specific style and size would fit you please call us on 01299 382 382 and we will do our best to aid you. In some cases these offers also include a range of sleeve fitting such as on the Assanti which has a short, regular or long sleeve fitting available and can be selected depending on your requirements.

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Special Offers on Now

Friday, 11 January 2019 16:48:43 Europe/London

New special offers are now on selected leather jacket styles. 

For women there is a large variety of items on sale; coats, jackets, sheepskins and Toscanas are all available. It is definitely worth having a look in the sale to see if any bargains are to be had. 

For men there are also some very smart leather jackets available. These vary in size and colour. 

As stock is reducing fast may be worth taking a look at these items before they are all sold out. 

Women's Range:

Men’s Range:


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New Autumn-Winter 2017 Range

Saturday, 11 November 2017 16:56:09 Europe/London

As we say goodbye to summer and the air turns colder it’s a good time to review your winter wardrobe, have a reality check and sort through your favourites.  You need to be honest with yourself about the clothing you have had for years, which you’ve never worn and never going to wear but could be of great use to someone else.  It’s always a good thing to support your local charity shop or check if you have any friends would appreciate them. If you have the time you could even list your unwanted items on eBay.

A quick and easy way for a fast top level revamp are always belts, scarfs and a few choice tops which you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Leather is a very versatile material which tends to go well with all sorts of different styles and colours. Leather has a timeless quality, which must be down to the fact it is a natural material and tends to stand the test of fashion trends reasonably well.

Now is a good time to have a good look through our new range where you may find something to give your wardrobe a boost.

As a tip it is best to buy early in the season as stock levels may dwindle down the nearer we get to Christmas so don’t miss out if there is a jacket you really have your eye on.

Check out the latest new styles click on the links below….

Men’s Fashion Range:

Men’s New Bomber Range:

Women’s Fashion Range:

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