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We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021.

For all exchanges and returns please e-mail us to let us know your requirements whether exchange or refund and for a re-send via e-mail of the returns details if you do not have the dispatch notification e-mail containing these.

The post offices and courier services will re-open on Tuesday 29th December since Monday the 28th December is a Bank Holiday due to Boxing Day falling on a Saturday. The first date the couriers resume their collection service is Tuesday 29th December 2020. Please be aware that on 31st December 2021, New Year's Eve, there is only a delivery service running and the couriers will not be collecting any parcels, therefore the first new shipping date will be Monday 4th January 2021.

Due to the extended hours worked in the months leading up to Christmas we are closing for a short staff break and will be back on Monday 4th January 2021. If you need any warehouse returns details in the meantime please email us and we will respond. Orders may be processed during this period. 


All price offers are now available online.

We would like to make all our customers aware, we do not run summer sales. These styles are timeless and if stock is not sold now then it will run through into the new season. We would urge you not to sit and wait to see if prices will drop as this is very unlikely.

Every spring we get customers waiting to see if the item they are interested in will have an extra price reduction. Unfortunately for these customers stock does run out and quite a few styles are discontinued. We sympathise with a lot of people that contact us during the spring and summer months if certain styles that are marked as ‘out of stock’ will be returning, and it is always disappointing to tell them that there is no more stock and the style is being discontinued.  

With is in mind we would highly recommend purchasing the item you like sooner rather than later or you run the risk of there being no stock when you do decide to buy.

All the January sales are now on. Many items now have price reductions on them. We expect these items to sell very quickly so please hurry as there is limited stock of many of these styles and once they’re gone, they’re gone!


It’s Christmas time once again where we all look to enjoy the festivities with our family and friends once the shopping is done and the gifts are all under the tree. Remember to wrap up warm this of year.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

During the summer months we get asked very regularly by customers if we are able to get items in for individual customers which are displayed as “out of stock”. We have found that very often this is because the customer has been watching an item for some months to see if the price will be reduced.

We wanted to let our customers know that we do not run sales over the summer as we run price offers throughout the year, if you are watching an item for several months to see if the price drops you do run the risk of the item becoming out of stock either temporarily or permanently nad prices are unlikely to drop as price offers are on during the autumn and winter. Styles that sell well are repeated but less popular styles aren’t always ordered back in for the next season, sometimes we decide to discontinue styles, other times the styles are revamped.

 As people prepare for the holiday season they often overlook the bags and cases they will need to take. If you like to travel looking smart there are a wide range of bags available on our website that are worth taking a look at… from duffle to wash bags and in a number of colours and finishes there’s something for everyone available here.

Don’t forget to about your luggage. Whether you are walking through the airport or the campsite, luxury luggage will certainly leave an impression. There are some very smart and practical bags available on our website. The summer is fast approaching and the holidays are already booked. Don’t forget to have your luggage bags ready when the time to pack comes.

We hope this post will help remind you to prepare for your holidays and get the luggage situation out of the way.


We have an extensive range of high quality garments with lots of different price reductions available across the range.

In view of the current Brexit situation and if the UK leaves the EU without a deal then the likelihood is that tariffs will charged for any items shipped to the UK to other European countries that are within the EU. We are very aware that there are a number of 'expats' living in: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Holland and Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, France and Spain.  For those individuals that have been considering buying or looking to replace an old jacket it may prove very worthwhile to order before March 29th. Delivery time scales to the above countries by courier are fairly swift. We are hoping that smooth trade continues with EU countries but in case things don’t go smoothly to begin with, it may be wise to order sooner rather than later.

 New items have now been given special price reductions, to see these items go to 'men' or 'women' and then click on sale. Some of these styles have very limited stock which means once these are sold they may not be back in stock for quite a while. There is a large range of items on sale for both men and women including leather jackets, coats, blazers and sheepskins which have special price reductions on them. It may be worth taking a look at the sale and seeing if there is anything that interests you.

Some of these items are only on sale in specific sizes, to see if a specific style and size would fit you please call us on 01299 382 382 and we will do our best to aid you. In some cases these offers also include a range of sleeve fitting such as on the Assanti which has a short, regular or long sleeve fitting available and can be selected depending on your requirements.

We are increasingly noticing that women’s fashion tops are either typically:

            -tunic style (i.e. box cut fit styles that offer a loose fit), or
            -shaped styles in stretchy woven fabrics that tend to contain elastane which enables the garment to simultaneously feel comfortable and look fitted .

Tunic styled tops are very versatile in their fit because a size can accommodate body widths which vary up to 6 inches and 8 inches. Tunic styled tops are often box cut and are designed to be loose fitting, however fashion jackets are intended to look shaped and fitted. For example a typical going out outfit would be stretch jeans or jeggings, a loose fitting tunic top that comes down to the top of the thigh and a tailored cut jacket.

To help our customers to pick the corresponding size in a fashion jacket, detailed size charts are featured at the bottom of each garment page and are specific to that garment. It is important to note that the ‘To Fit Bust’ corresponds to the person’s full bust measurement at the widest point when fully clothed and wearing a bra. We cannot stress enough that a ladies bust measurement is completely different when taken in pyjamas or without a bra on when compared to a measurement fully clothed.

 In addition materials used in the making of women’s dresses and trousers contain elastane, which has the clever ability to adjust and expand on contact.  Elastane has increasingly been incorporated within fabrics in the last few years to the extent that individuals now take its presence for granted and thus forget that traditional materials and fabrics which don’t contain elastane require different size allowances.

Since leather does not contain elastane and nor is it a woven stretchy fabric the torso expanse tolerance is not there, as it is with a tunic style top that is a box cut, loose fit or an elasticated dress where this clothing very easily accommodates varying body widths and shapes within each size.

This means some consideration is required whether a larger size is needed due to the individual’s shape.  A useful indicator are the pictures of the item on the model and seeing how it fits, a garment that looks fitted on the model is very likely to be a fitted cut. A garment that looks less fitted is likely to be a semi fitted cut and an item that looks to be a relaxed fit on the model clearly has more reasonable room allowance inside.

 It is important to highlight the above information as it is easy to become confused as to why a bigger size can often be required in a fashion or designer style leather jacket. Clearly the individual has not changed size, it is simply understanding when the cut and fit of the leather jacket is tailored and appears fitted on the model in the pictures then a size or two up may be required depending on the physical measurements and size of the person when clothed in typical day wear.


Last year Britain suffered the “Beast from the East” which halted the entire country for several weeks. According to the MET Office the atmospheric conditions are very similar now as they were this time last year. Britain is known for its unpredictable weather and why would you expect it to be any different this year?

If a similar storm hits this year you will be glad to have a warm, cozy sheepskin to wrap up in while wait for the snow to melt.


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