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We are increasingly noticing that women’s fashion tops are either typically:

            -tunic style (i.e. box cut fit styles that offer a loose fit), or
            -shaped styles in stretchy woven fabrics that tend to contain elastane which enables the garment to simultaneously feel comfortable and look fitted .

Tunic styled tops are very versatile in their fit because a size can accommodate body widths which vary up to 6 inches and 8 inches. Tunic styled tops are often box cut and are designed to be loose fitting, however fashion jackets are intended to look shaped and fitted. For example a typical going out outfit would be stretch jeans or jeggings, a loose fitting tunic top that comes down to the top of the thigh and a tailored cut jacket.

To help our customers to pick the corresponding size in a fashion jacket, detailed size charts are featured at the bottom of each garment page and are specific to that garment. It is important to note that the ‘To Fit Bust’ corresponds to the person’s full bust measurement at the widest point when fully clothed and wearing a bra. We cannot stress enough that a ladies bust measurement is completely different when taken in pyjamas or without a bra on when compared to a measurement fully clothed.

 In addition materials used in the making of women’s dresses and trousers contain elastane, which has the clever ability to adjust and expand on contact.  Elastane has increasingly been incorporated within fabrics in the last few years to the extent that individuals now take its presence for granted and thus forget that traditional materials and fabrics which don’t contain elastane require different size allowances.

Since leather does not contain elastane and nor is it a woven stretchy fabric the torso expanse tolerance is not there, as it is with a tunic style top that is a box cut, loose fit or an elasticated dress where this clothing very easily accommodates varying body widths and shapes within each size.

This means some consideration is required whether a larger size is needed due to the individual’s shape.  A useful indicator are the pictures of the item on the model and seeing how it fits, a garment that looks fitted on the model is very likely to be a fitted cut. A garment that looks less fitted is likely to be a semi fitted cut and an item that looks to be a relaxed fit on the model clearly has more reasonable room allowance inside.

 It is important to highlight the above information as it is easy to become confused as to why a bigger size can often be required in a fashion or designer style leather jacket. Clearly the individual has not changed size, it is simply understanding when the cut and fit of the leather jacket is tailored and appears fitted on the model in the pictures then a size or two up may be required depending on the physical measurements and size of the person when clothed in typical day wear.


Last year Britain suffered the “Beast from the East” which halted the entire country for several weeks. According to the MET Office the atmospheric conditions are very similar now as they were this time last year. Britain is known for its unpredictable weather and why would you expect it to be any different this year?

If a similar storm hits this year you will be glad to have a warm, cozy sheepskin to wrap up in while wait for the snow to melt.


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New special offers are now on selected leather jacket styles. 

For women there is a large variety of items on sale; coats, jackets, sheepskins and Toscanas are all available. It is definitely worth having a look in the sale to see if any bargains are to be had. 

For men there are also some very smart leather jackets available. These vary in size and colour. 

As stock is reducing fast may be worth taking a look at these items before they are all sold out. 

Women's Range:

Men’s Range:


As we move into November and the days shorten why not spend some time browsing through our wide range of leather garments.

One of leathers best qualities is that it has the ability to go with almost anything you can find in your wardrobe. You don’t have to look like David Beckham to look stylish in one our leather jacket. Don’t miss out on the jacket you want because Christmas is soon aproaching and styles may be sold out by Christmas.

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Sizing varies by clothing brands and also across different styles within the same brand.

The way the jacket fits on the model is usually a good indicator on how it will fit on a customer of similar proportions and shape. There is the odd style where the correct size for the model wasn’t available; this has been indicated on the product information page.

 Other factors to consider are a lot of modern day clothing does contain elastane, these fabrics are woven and machine made. Consequently fabrics containing elastane offer an immediate stretch capability that enables a garment to auto adjust to fit an individual‘s shape. Therefore when dealing with a natural material such as leather it is important to consider that leather does not contain man-made elastane fibres. However Mother Nature has included a quality which means the leather will stretch slightly over time but this will not happen immediately.

Leather still has a luring factor because it is an extremely versatile material that will combine with a variety of fabrics, woven textures and colours in an aesthetically pleasing way which means it can be paired with almost anything found in the your wardrobe.

 Bomber Jacket:

A bomber jacket has an elastic waistband which mean it narrows in at the waist from the chest, therefore if someone has a portly figure it will emphasise this more. Going up a size won’t remove this factor. To minimise the visibility of a portly figure a comfort fit, straight cut jacket that doesn’t taper in at the waist is the better option. However it is important to realise a leather jacket cannot hide what is underneath, but at least if it doesn’t emphasise this fact it is a bonus.

 Biker Jacket:

These are typically fashion fitted and the styles will vary in design between slim fit and semi fitted cuts. These all narrow in at the waist and are therefore not suitable for certain individuals. If someone does have a portly figure we would suggest looking at the classic zip jacket section which are less fitted and thus are likely to suit this sort of individual.

 Classic Zip Jacket:

These styles tend to vary in design from semi fitted to a comfort fit cut. The corresponding fit is detailed on the product information page.


The leather blazers do vary in cuts with tailored fitted cuts being for people with a more athletic build with narrower waist than chests and a regular cut is for a more straight build with a 3 inch difference in chest to waist. These blazers do not have much of an elastic property to them so it is important to get a blazer correct size because it will not stretch to any size or shape like manufactured materials.

The regular fit blazers do come in at the waist by 3 inches.


On the full product page the fit style is detailed and these are explained as follows:

 Slim fit:

Slim fit cut jackets are purposely made to be narrower in the chest, stomach, waist and shoulder areas. Therefore slim fit jackets are a good 1-1.5 size smaller than a regular fit jacket and a good 2-2.5 sizes smaller than a comfort fit jacket. The slim fit blazers come in 4-5 inches at the waist.

Semi fitted:

A semi fitted cut is a slightly more tapered fit at the waist when compared to a regular fit.

Regular fit:

This is a standard smart fit and suitable for most individuals provided their stomach measurement is at least 2.5-3 inches narrower than their chest.

 Comfort fit:

These styles are typically straight cut from chest down to waist with only very slight tapering. They also offer a slightly wider shoulder width compared to other fits.

Loose fit:

These generally offer 2 inches more room allowance than a comfort fit in the chest, stomach and waist.


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This year it has been very evident that both burgundy and grey are ‘on trend’ both for men’s and women’s fashion lines.

We have included some striking new design editions in burgundy and grey for this season and we have selected vintage toned shades since these work very well when combining with either smart, casual and party wear.  If you’re looking for something a bit more classic and burgundy isn’t the colour for you then there is always the timeless and old-time faithfuls of black and brown.

There are some exciting new designs to tantalize you and we have built these on the classic favourite cross zip and straight zip styles. The new range also features a select choice of luxury sheepskin flying jackets available now.

The new autumn-winter 2018 range showcases a number of fashion and classic styles to appeal to most tastes. Whether you want something to keep you warm and shield you from the harsh frosty winter or something to spice up your wardrobe you will be able to find it here.

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 Last winter the stocks dried up long before Christmas day, a lot of sheepskins had sold out due the high demand. If you’re looking to get one as gift or for yourself this year make sure you get it sooner rather than later, or else there may not be any left. Leave it too late and it may not get to you before the New Year.

Everyone finds it hard to buy presents for friends and family, but if you’re on the fence about what to buy a loved one, then remember a sheepskin makes a great gift…and will keep them feeling warm and cosy through those cold and frosty days for the winters to come.

Sheepskins are a luxury item and they do cost a pretty penny but nothing else compares to how delightfully lifting it is to wrap a sheepskin jacket around on a cold bitter morning. The great price offers on our sheepskins will make the feeling even better as you leave the freezing surroundings and embrace the warmth of the soft sheepskin.

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Everyone has noticed the cooler nights after the never ending long heat wave in Britain, maybe it’s time to look for some leather to shield you from the windy weather before winter gets here. If you have watched Age before Beauty then you might recognise Madeleine Mantock showcasing a polished and stylish leather jacket. Here are some similar cross zip style black leather jackets available right here.


Cross zip jacket style names in order of appearance below as follows:

Angelica Leather available in a choice of chestnut brown or black
Trinity Leather jacket in black leather 
Mercury  Leather Jacket in black soft leather  


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The Age Before Beauty drama currently on BBC one has got us glued to our seats for the last six weeks.
The plot revolves around various generations of a family and the running of a beauty salon in the centre of Manchester. The characters’ personal relationships with each other evolve as the dramas of life strike in areas of romance, love, rivalry and marriage whilst the family struggles to keep their family owned beauty salon falling below water. 
Whilst the characters balance life, romance and the chaos that occurs as events unravel your eye is still drawn to stylish wardrobe pieces from colourful and chic dresses to the sleek leather jackets.
Robson Green is wearing a sleek clean cut leather jacket featuring a short stand up collar and inset zip pockets at the waist. 

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It’s that time of year again where we all look to enjoy the festivities with our family and friends once the shopping is done and the gifts are all wrapped.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018.

Due to the extended hours worked in the months leading up to Christmas we are closing for a short staff break and will be back on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. If you need any warehouse returns details in the meantime please email us and we will respond. Order may be processed during this period but please be aware there may be a short delay in shipping while we are closed.

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