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It’s that time of year again where we all look to enjoy the festivities with our family and friends once the shopping is done and the gifts are all wrapped.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018.

Due to the extended hours worked in the months leading up to Christmas we are closing for a short staff break and will be back on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. If you need any warehouse returns details in the meantime please email us and we will respond. Order may be processed during this period but please be aware there may be a short delay in shipping while we are closed.

As we say goodbye to summer and the air turns colder it’s a good time to review your winter wardrobe, have a reality check and sort through your favourites.  You need to be honest with yourself about the clothing you have had for years, which you’ve never worn and never going to wear but could be of great use to someone else.  It’s always a good thing to support your local charity shop or check if you have any friends would appreciate them. If you have the time you could even list your unwanted items on eBay.

A quick and easy way for a fast top level revamp are always belts, scarfs and a few choice tops which you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Leather is a very versatile material which tends to go well with all sorts of different styles and colours. Leather has a timeless quality, which must be down to the fact it is a natural material and tends to stand the test of fashion trends reasonably well.

Now is a good time to have a good look through our new range where you may find something to give your wardrobe a boost.

As a tip it is best to buy early in the season as stock levels may dwindle down the nearer we get to Christmas so don’t miss out if there is a jacket you really have your eye on.

Check out the latest new styles click on the links below….

Men’s Fashion Range:

Men’s New Bomber Range:

Women’s Fashion Range:

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Whether it is a classic car or just your regular convertible if you have an open top car that you take to events you will be wanting a warm and luxurious jacket to shield you from the extremities as it does get pretty cold tootling along the road at even 30 to 50 miles especially when considering the general British weather.

There is nothing quite like sheepskin to keep you warm and shielded from the cold. The classic flying jacket is an old-time favourite that everyone loves and dates back to the WWII bomber pilots who wore these sheepskin jackets to protect them from the cold at high altitudes as well as for the general outdoors jackets when not flying. The Flying jacket is now an iconic timeless style that has kept true to its origins for over 70 years.

We still have some great offers on sheepskin coats and sheepskin flying jackets so whatever your style we have a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. Hurry as some styles are already ‘sold out’ or on ‘limited stock’ alert !

Women's Sheepskin Flying Jacket Range  - click to view offers on womens's classic and fashion styled flying jackets

Men's Sheepskin Flying Jacket Range  - click to view offers on straight zip and cross zip pilots jackets


Many of our customers have enjoyed the benefit of a made to measure / custom fit option across many of our classic range styles. Unfortunately, due to rising labour costs we will be ceasing this service from June 2017.  

So if you have special fit requirements such as a longer length jacket or coat, or simply a wider fit cut or an overall petite fit size then we would urge you to order sooner rather than later and as much in advance of the 31st May 2017 as possible.

From 31st May 2017 onwards  we will only be able to offer a general alterations service which will cover general requirements such as shortening sleeve lengths, narrowing shoulder widths, as well as reducing chest and waist widths slightly without impacting on the integrity of the garment.  Unfortunately with an alterations service it is not possible to re-size jacket lengths with zip fronts and some button front designs may have certain limitations of how much can be taken off the length.  With regards to reducing torso widths the position of pockets on the front of the jacket as well as other certain detailing will pre-determining the level and the extent of the adjustment, so we don’t have the same level of flexibility as we do with the made to measure option.

 So for custom fit sized leather jackets …don’t delay and order as much before 31st of May 2017 as possible. Remember it is mainly the classic range jackets that we have this option available on and the ‘made to measure’ option will be listed in the size drop down menu on the full jacket page.


There is nothing quite like sheepskin to keep you warm and shielded from the cold. The classic flying jacket is an old-time favourite that everyone loves and which dates back to the WWII bomber pilot sheepskin jackets worn by those courageous individuals to protect them from the cold at high altitudes whilst flying. The RAF pilots of the time loved the look and feel of the leather and soft velvety wool so much that they wore the jackets for the general outdoors and they wore it with great pride as well as pleasure.

The classic sheepskin flying jacket is now an iconic timeless style that has kept true to its origins for over 70 years and is still very much coveted for the very same reasons it was originally chosen by the RAF : comfort, warmth and durability.

Nowaday’s the old faithful sheepskin jacket is still very much adored and cherished by many as it is ideal for winter and early spring wear.  However a newer use for the sheepskin jacket is for open top car driving as well as vintage car racing.

A sheepskin is always a fantastic investment as with a little care they will last many, many years and will in addition never date whatever happens with fashion.

                   Christmas Stockings By The Fire

Wishing all our customers a very “Merry  Christmas”; we hope enjoyment throughout the season's festivities is shared whether relaxing, catching up with friends, family and loved ones.

We would like to thank you for your custom over the last 12 months and as well as all the staff that have worked tireless long shifts 7 days a week to process and ship orders, returns and exchanges in a bid to manage and support the run-up to Christmas.

It has been a pleasure to assist all of our customers and we look forward to serving you again in 2017.

We will be closed from Saturday 24th December through to and including Tuesday 27th December.  We are open again on Wednesday 28th December through to Friday 30th December.  Our first working day back after the New Year Bank Holiday will be Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

With warmest wishes from all at UK LJ.  

Well another autumn has officially begun and you can now feel the chill in the air and especially early morning and late evenings. So that makes it a perfect time to get out those light sweaters and jackets out that you may have stored away. So if your old favourite jacket is looking a bit tired or you're in need of a updated look then a good leather jacket does work wonders.

New generation nappa leather jackets offer softness as well all-day comfort as they are beautifully light and an era away from those heavy weight stiff jackets that can for some feel like straight-jacket at times. The majority of us would say the most desirable leather is always soft and supple and fits like a glove from day one and is great for general wear.  However, there are those of us that prefer the hardier weight and feel of cow hide, which you can beat for heavy duty wear. We run jackets in both gorgeous soft nappa leather as well as harder wearing cow hide.

Now is also a great time to update your autumn and winter wardrobe whilst there are still some great price offers on and reductions available.

With the new spring season coming upon us now is good time to get that new leather jacket that you have been promising yourself. 

The blazer jacket has been making resurgence and it is understandable as it offers strong classic attire for smart casual wear as well as being well suited for wear with any style of jeans to moleskin trousers, or a pair of slacks or cords. The leather blazer has an added advantage that it mixes and matches well with a wider variety of materials and textures than cloth blazers. There are a wide range of blazer styles and cuts to choose from and these rae mainly as follows:


Slim Fit Blazers

This is a 2 button single breast blazer available in black or brown leather which is more tapered into the waist and also in shorter length of 26.5 inches (67cm) excluding the collar.

Double Vented Tailored Fit Blazers

The modern version of a 2 button single breast blazer available in black, brown and tan leather. This is has side slits at the back and the blazer length is about 30 inches (76cm) excluding the collar.

Single Vent Blazers

The very classic 2 button single breast blazer in a comfort fit.

3 Button Blazers

Another timeless classic , these button slightly higher and are straight backed and without any vents at the rear and offer a comfort fit.

Custom Tailored Blazers

In addition to the above we also have a general alterations service as well as made to measure blazer option to accommodate shorter and longer sleeve and or blazer lengths as well as wider or smaller fittings. 

Here's a side by side comparison of the different styles (left to right): slim fit , tailored double vent, single vent, 3 button nubuck.

The New Year is always a great time to freshen-up and so we have up-dated our website site and hope you like it. It should be a little easier to use and with bigger sized pictures and a few new features that we hope you will like.  Any suggestions are always welcome.

Checkout the latest offers now as some of sheepskin styles now sold out, so remember to grab it while it's there as we do receive e-mails from customers who have waited just that bit too long and some styles once sold out might not be repeated.


So the big day is almost upon us! Have you got the turkey? Little Jimmy’s PlayStation Game? Aunty Sue’s box of Scottish shortbread? The list goes on…

Christmas is a time to be spent with our nearest and dearest, filling ourselves till we burst, recycling wrapping paper well into the New Year and surprising ourselves by the amount of Cadbury's Quality Street we can eat in one sitting whilst simultaneously watching the Home Alone franchise and debating how the parents really forgot about their child.

But in all seriousness, the team at UK Leather Jackets would like to say a great big thank you to all our customers, old and new, for their continued support throughout the year and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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